About this live demo

This live browser demo shows how I think the next version of the Internet Explorer should look like.
Or at least kind of. ;)

A combination of address bar and tabs

Since IE 9 the website gets the most part of place. But I think Microsoft could go further.
I thought of a combination of the address bar and the current tab.

While you are on a website you see on the current tab the favicon and the title of the page.
When you click on the tab or press [Strg]+[L] the tab turns into a search and address bar.

Try it on the live demo

Just click on the current tab. The tab should become larger and you can start typing.

Many sites like Facebook or Google won't load inside an iframe.
But here are some URLs which will work:

Tell me what you think

I would be grateful if you would like to share your opinion about my concept.

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